725,000 premium domains now at reduced prices


725,000 premium domains now at reduced prices

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve registered a domain or two with us. Whether you used Namecheap to grow an exciting new business idea or you’re a seasoned domain investing pro, you’ve probably come across ‘premium’ domains that are recognizable, search engine friendly, and highly desirable.

As you know, premium domains often come with a premium price tag. Right now, however, 725,000 premium domains are available at our standard prices. We’ve pulled together a selection of the best that were previously reserved.

What domains can I get?

If you’re looking to land an attractive domain name at a bargain price for yourself, or add to your collection and sell later, now is a great time to start your search!

Take a look at what you can get your hands on. Simply click on a top level domain listed below to find available combinations available to register:


Invest in a desirable premium domain to add to your portfolio, use it to boost your personal brand, or grow your business. 

What are premium domain names?

Often distinguishable with a higher price tag, premium domain names are made up of common words and recognizable search terms.

Classed as ‘premium’ due to their advantages over regular domain names, they are:

  • Easy to remember. Think industry-specific terms or well-known phrases that customers can quickly recall. You’ll remember breakfast.com over thatfirstmealofthemorning.com.
  • Easy to market. They’re memorable, recognizable, and short in length, giving your brand a strong and trustworthy base for customers. 
  • A savvy investment. Common words and phrases mean that they’ll be popular for decades, and like with fine art, you’ll find a buyer that wants to snap it up when you’re ready to sell. 

Ready to pick up a bargain? Start your search today!

725,000 premium domains now at reduced prices .