Buy .GAY and Donate Today

Buy .GAY and Donate Today

To celebrate the launch of .GAY and to support diversity and inclusion, Namecheap will be donating to LGBTQ organizations, to help address key issues facing the community.

Every time a Namecheap customer registers a .GAY domain name, we’ll donate 3% of all new registration revenue to GLAAD and CenterLink.

Our Promise to You

An industry first, the .GAY registry will also be donating 20% of all registration revenue to LGBTQ non-profit organizations, GLAAD, and CenterLink. 

When you register your .GAY domain with Namecheap, we will also donate 3% of all new registration revenue, on top of the registry’s donation.

GLAAD, (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), works to eliminate discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Since 1985, the non-governmental organization promotes fair and accurate representation in the media to create ‘…a world where everyone can live the life they love’.

With over 250 LGBTQ community centers across the world, CenterLink is dedicated to creating strong, sustainable LGBT networks for healthy, vibrant communities. It heavily relies on volunteers, providing direct services, educating the public, engaging community leaders, and organizing for social change.

We are committed to donating a total of $10,000, so find your dream .GAY domain name today and help us reach our goal!

Why You Need a .GAY Domain

An instantly recognizable term, .GAY is the perfect choice for your new startup, cause, or personal website.  

This brand new domain is an exciting opportunity to reach the LGBTQ community and beyond. It’s your chance to show your support, as an individual, and as an organization and to increase your online visibility while doing so.

The .GAY domain will remain safe, with anti-LGBTQ+ content strictly prohibited (such content may end in domain suspension, as outlined in the .GAY Rights Protections Policy).

Remember, your domain name will be used not just on your website, but on your logo, social media, business cards — wherever you promote yourself. 

Take pride and register your .GAY domain today. 

Buy .GAY and Donate Today

Share the Love on Instagram Stories

Whether you’re celebrating diversity online, at home, or out and about with a small group of friends, you’ll probably share photos and videos across social media. And if you’re using Instagram Stories, you can now add animated GIFs in Namecheap style. Just tap on the GIF sticker on Instagram Stories and search for Namecheap — some are powered by the rainbow!

Proud About Pride

While significant legal, social, and cultural progress has been made over the last 50+ years, there is plenty more work left to be done in a genuine effort to attain true equality for the LGBTQ+ community across the world. 

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we all embrace diversity and inclusion, giving this particular fight our attention and action. Through our commitment to GLAAD and CenterLink, we’re doing our part — ask yourself, what will you do?

Register your .GAY domain now!

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