Domains for Online Education

Domains for Online Education

Online education isn’t new but 2020 has brought a renewed interest in educating people online because the pandemic has made it difficult to educate in person.

Educating online breaks down barriers in both distance and cost. People can take online courses from Harvard, MIT and Berkeley no matter where they are in the world (and without taking an entrance exam!). Google is now teaching job-ready skills online. Many of these courses are free or very low cost compared to in-person education.

Getting into online education isn’t just for big companies and universities. Small businesses can also teach skills online. 

Let’s look at some of the domain extensions you might consider for online education as well as colleges and universities.

Educating Online

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can harness the web to grow their business by teaching online. 

For example, a yoga instructor can give instruction online. This will allow them to make money from clients that aren’t in their home town, or if they aren’t able to meet in person.

A baker who makes money by baking cupcakes can expand her business by setting up a website to show people how to bake cakes and provide recipes.

A real estate professional can teach people how to buy and sell real estate. A software company can train people on how to use its software products.

If you have a skill then there’s something you can teach. And teaching online is less expensive and gives you more reach than teaching in person.

Choosing a Domain

You need to select a domain name before you set up a website to teach online.

Most colleges and universities in the United States use domain names that end in .EDU

.EDU domains are highly restricted, though. Only postsecondary institutions accredited by a body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education can get a .EU domain name.

This means businesses and entrepreneurs need to choose an alternate ending to their domain name. There’s always the default .COM, but there are other domain name extensions that help identify that a website is about educating. Best of all, anyone can register these domain names for their website.

  •  .COLLEGE – College is a universal term that can be used for any sort of online education. Think,, and any other topic .college.
  • .COURSES – This domain is more geared to specific courses, but it’s generic nonetheless. If you teach programming, you can select a domain like,, etc. 
  • .EDUCATION – Another excellent domain for any business that provides online education.
  • .SCHOOL – .School is a good domain that’s broader than .college, and can be used for teaching people of all ages.
  • .TRAINING – This is a nice domain name for vocational or topic-specific online education. Examples include a company using to teach people how to use its products.
  • .UNIVERSITY – Another great term for online education. Consider if .COLLEGE or .UNIVERSITY sounds better with your choice of domain.

Teach the World

You have a passion. Or a product. Or something you want to spread around the world. Well, get started! Get a domain name for your new online education initiative today.

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