Why your pet needs its own domain and website

Why your pet needs its own domain and website

Sometimes it seems like the Internet was created for pets. After all, if you’re like most people, your friends’ and family’s lovable, adorable pictures of cats, dogs, and other pets fill your timeline.

If you really love your pet, maybe it’s time to make a website all about them. Your furry friend might never be as famous as Grumpy Cat, but wouldn’t you love to show off videos and pictures of Fido?

And if you’re going to build your pet a website, you’ll need a pet domain to go with it!

Pet domains

Here are five pet-themed domain name extensions you can choose from. 

  • .DOG – Man’s best friend has its own domain name extension. That’s right; you can pick up your dog’s name with .DOG at the end rather than .COM. The most popular dog names have already been registered in .DOG, but if you’re as creative naming your dog as you are when choosing pet domain names, you might just be able to snag the perfect domain. Good dog!
  • .HORSE – Yes, there really is a domain name for equestrians. This seems so obscure that it even became a meme back in 2015. But if you’re a true horse-lover, register a .HORSE domain to show pictures of your horse, riding videos and more. 
  • .FISH – You can’t snuggle a fish like you can other pets, but they’re still fun to look at. Whether you like saltwater or freshwater fish, or even prefer glow-in-the-dark varieties, a .FISH domain is right for you. Maybe you can set up a live video stream of your fish tank so the whole world can enjoy your tank? 
  • .FARM – There’s no .PIG or .SHEEP domain yet. But if farm animals are your jam, you can go with a slightly more generic .FARM domain name. 

What about .CAT?

You can register .DOG domains and even .HORSE domains, so what about .CAT? That’s an interesting story.

There is a .CAT domain available for registration but it’s not for cat owners. The domain extension .CAT is what’s called a sponsored top level domain, and it was created specifically to highlight the Catalan language. You can only register a .CAT domain if you belong to the Catalan cultural and linguistic community. 

Some people have managed to register a .CAT domain for sites about the pet, but it’s technically not allowed. So sadly, you’ll need to find another pet-related domain to use.

Show how much you love your pet

Convinced that your pet deserves its own website? It’s actually easier than you think. Here’s what to do:

  1. Search for a domain a .DOG, .HORSE, .FISH, or .FARM domain at Namecheap and register it. 
  2. Add Namecheap Site Maker in your account. (Note: can promote managed WordPress instead)
  3. Upload your photos and videos, and tell your pet’s story!

It’s actually really simple to make your pet the star of its own website, so anything is paw-sible when you have the right tools.  

Why your pet needs its own domain and website .

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