WooCommerce: Hide Add to Cart If Already Purchased

WooCommerce: Hide Add to Cart If Already Purchased

We already saw how to hide add to cart for logged out users and how to find out if a user has already bought a given product – so I said why not combine the two snippets and figure out how to hide the add to cart button if a logged in customer has already purchased a product?

After that, however, I realized that the “woocommerce_is_purchasable” filter offered by the WooCommerce plugin makes the task much easier than just combining the two mini-plugins above.

So, here’s how it’s done – enjoy!

In case a customer is logged in, and has purchased a product, the Shop page will not show the “Add to Cart” button, but a “Read more” instead
The single product page, also, won’t show the Add to Cart button at all (once again, in case the current logged in user has purchased that product already)

PHP Snippet: Deny Further Sales If User Has Already Purchased a Product @ Shop / Single Product Page

This snippet will:

  1. Hide the Add to Cart completely on the single product page
  2. Rename the Add to Cart on the Shop Page to “Read More”
  3. Make it impossible to add the item to cart even with an URL – it will show a red “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.” error in such case
/** * @snippet       Hide Add Cart If Already Purchased - WooCommerce * @how-to        Get CustomizeWoo.com FREE * @author        Rodolfo Melogli * @compatible    WooCommerce 5 * @donate $9     https://businessbloomer.com/bloomer-armada/ */add_filter( 'woocommerce_is_purchasable', 'bbloomer_hide_add_cart_if_already_purchased', 9999, 2 );function bbloomer_hide_add_cart_if_already_purchased( $is_purchasable, $product ) {	if ( wc_customer_bought_product( '', get_current_user_id(), $product->get_id() ) ) {		$is_purchasable = false;	}	return $is_purchasable;}

WooCommerce: Hide Add to Cart If Already Purchased Business Bloomer.