WooCommerce: Top Quick View Plugins

WooCommerce: Top Quick View Plugins

Imagine if your customers didn’t have to visit a separate product page every time they wanted to check out a product. They could see product details right from the page they’re on and avoid going back and forth between the store and product pages

Sounds convenient, right?

This is exactly what a quick view feature on your WooCommerce store can do. 

It allows shoppers to view product images, features, and prices from the shop page through a popup window. This way, they can see if they like the product and add it to their cart or simply close the popup and continue browsing items. 

That’s not it. By making product surfing and shopping fast and hassle-free, the quick view feature can also help you improve customer experience and increase your store sales and revenue. 

Although a pretty useful feature, WooCommerce doesn’t have any default settings to enable a quick view button in your store. 

The good news is that there are some great quick view plugins you can use to add this functionality to your shop and optimize it for sales. 

We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of seven of the best WooCommerce quick view plugins you can use for your online store. Let’s dive in!

But first: a Quick View demo

Quick View plugins usually let you display a “QUICK VIEW” button on hover on each shop page product:

On click, a popup triggers with the specific product details, as well as the add to cart button:

That’s it! a super simple functionality that can immediately give you a sales conversion rate boost. And here are some plugins that can help you install this feature easily.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH’s WooCommerce Quick View is an excellent plugin to give customers a preview of products directly from the store page – to save them from additional clicks and page visits. 

It offers vast customization features – you can choose whether to display a quick view button or icon (and even upload your own icon) and where to show them (near “Add to Cart” or within the product image).  

It also lets you choose how to display the quick view – as a modal window or with an effect where details unroll on the same page. You can also set the former’s height and width. 

You even get complete control over the information to include in the quick view – you can show the product image, price, ratings, description, an “Add to Cart” button, and a “View Details” button, which takes customers to the specific product page. 

Besides this, you can also customize the colors of the quick view button/icon, modal, and its contents, so they suit your site’s theme. 

Top feature: Its “Quick View Navigation” feature lets your customers browse products within the quick view popup – using previous/next buttons. You can also choose to enable this navigation only for products of the same category.

Pricing: $59.99/year with 1-year updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Iconic WP’s WooCommerce Quickview

With WooCommerce Quick View, you can add a product lightbox to your store pages to give customers a better look at products. They can also choose the quantity they want and add the product to their cart right from this popup. 

Once you activate the feature, the plugin immediately places a quick view button on your store and works out of the box. However, you can also fully customize the button and popup window’s settings. 

Besides the button’s position, you can choose its color, style, paddings, label, and whether to open the lightbox with a click or hover. You can also manually insert the quick view button on pages using a shortcode. 

It also lets you specify what to show in the popup – like title, price, sale flash, descriptions, and ratings. What’s even better is that you can customize the product image gallery that’s shown in it – by choosing the transition, navigation style, speed, and whether to auto-play the images. 

You can also let your customers surf all products on a page from within the quick view lightbox. Besides enhancing their shopping experience, this gives you a chance to showcase more products and increase sales.

Top feature: Its quick view button and popup are suitable for all devices and screen sizes. 

Pricing: $49/year with 1-year updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Offers a free trial.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

Barn2’s Quick View Pro lets you display product information and images in a lightbox, so your customers can check out additional details, choose variations, and add the product to their cart – all from the same page. 

You can specify the quick view button’s text, whether to show an ‘eye’ icon beside it, and the popup’s contents (product image, details, or both).

Besides basic product details, it lets you show reviews, short/full descriptions, attributes, and a link for more information in the popup. The popup’s layout automatically gets adjusted on smaller screens like mobiles, with the images appearing at the top and the product details underneath.  

What’s further helpful is that it gives you the option to enable the quick view feature globally or only on specific categories, giving you full flexibility on how you want to display it on specific product pages. 

Top feature: It lets your customers zoom in and get a closer look at product images in the popup. You can also include related items, upsells, and cross-sells in it. 

Pricing: Starts at $79/year; offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

WooCommerce Quick View

Although it doesn’t offer as many features, WooCommerce Quick View deserves a spot on this list, given its straightforward and easy-to-use functionality.

Like other plugins, it adds a quick view button on your store that opens into a popup showing product title, images, price, quantity, and an “Add to cart” option. 

You can customize the quick view button’s label and the modal window’s background and button colors and even enable the quick view feature on mobiles. 

It also makes it easy for shoppers to browse your store’s products – they can do so within the modal popup using previous/next buttons. 

Top feature: The plugin is Ajax-based, meaning the quick view button opens the modal window without any page reloads, further improving the customer’s shopping experience. 

Pricing: Free. 

Quick View for WooCommerce

Quick View for WooCommerce is a feature-rich yet lightweight plugin that lets your customers view a product’s details and add it to their cart from a quick view popup.

It lets you choose the quick view button’s label, color, placement, display an icon, and even upload a custom icon. Interestingly, it gives you ten options to place this button, so you can choose what looks best in your store. 

It also offers several popup layouts (like product image on the left, at the bottom) and effects (like move from top, zoom in). You can even set the popup’s size, the space between product image and information, and how fast after clicking the button it should appear.

Besides choosing what fields to show in the modal, it also lets you change their order as per your preference using simple drag and drop.

What’s more, you can allow your customers to go through other products in your store from this popup and even show related products in it.

Top feature: It lets you show a quick view button on customers’ wishlists. 

Pricing: Starts at $39/year; also has a free version. 

Quick View WooCommerce

Xootix’s Quick View works with all types of products (including variable) and is a great plugin to implement a quick view functionality on your store. 

This plugin stands out because it lets you customize the minutest details of the quick view button and popup. 

So, besides the button’s text and placement, you can also choose its font size, color, border size, icon (and its color too). For the popup, you can select its animation, contents, button colors, the size of images in it, and whether to link to the product page. 

Interestingly, you can also show product images in a separate lightbox and allow customers to zoom in on them – to give them an even better look at products and speed up buying. And, it also gives you the option to enable quick view on mobiles. 

Top feature: Customers can add products to their cart from the quick view popup without any page reloads. 

Pricing: Lifetime licenses start at $9; also has a free version.  

WPC Smart Quick View for WooCommerce

WPC’s Smart Quick View is a fantastic plugin that gives customers a quick summary of products through a popup and fastens the buying process. 

You can choose the quick view button’s placement and text and even add it manually on any page using shortcodes. 

Besides choosing the contents of the quick view modal, it also lets you add an entrance animation and show a related products section within it. 

As for the images in the popup, it gives you the option to show only the featured image or all product gallery images. You can also change their sizes and enable them to open in a lightbox to further aid customers.

The best part? You can specify the categories on which to show the quick feature. 

Top feature: Its quick view button and popup are well-suited for all devices and screen sizes. 

Pricing: Licenses start at $29. 


A quick view feature on your store can considerably enhance the customer experience – by making it easy to check out additional details, add products to their cart, and continue browsing. 

And the better your customer experience is, the higher your chances are of making a sale and increasing revenue. 

These seven plugins are some of the best to add quick view functionality to your store. Since all of them offer the basic features you’d need to get started, consider your requirements and budget to make a pick.

WooCommerce: Top Quick View Plugins .