10 FUN domains for COOL people

10 FUN domains for COOL people

In 2015, web design agency Huemor decided it wanted a domain name that added color to its brand. It wanted a domain name extension that complemented its image.

So it ditched its .COM domain name and switched to huemor.rocks.

.ROCKS is one of many new top level domain names that tell the world that you’re a fun-loving, edgy company that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Here are 10 fun domain name choices for your next website.

  • .NINJA  – Code ninja. SEO ninja. Real estate ninja. If you’re really good at something, you might call yourself a ninja. So put .ninja at the end of your web address like training booking service rail.ninja and fitness company icore.ninja. (Real ninjas can use these domains too!)
  • .GURU – Consider yourself a guru instead of a ninja? No problem, there’s a domain name for you, too. Refractoring.guru helps improve code and screenshot.guru lets you take high-resolution screen captures. The are just two examples of websites using this popular domain name extension.
  • .ROCKS – You rock! Your company rocks! So use a .ROCKS domain name like Huemor does. 
  • .COOL – How cool is your business? Cool enough to replace .COM with .COOL? Digital publication The Pudding uses pudding.cool and Czech pizza restaurant 123 Pizza uses 123pizza.cool. The pizza joint’s choice is a bit odd, but .hot isn’t an option.
  • .WTF – Seriously, WTF? Yes, there is a domain name extension that stands for something we can’t type here. It’s a neat domain for an irreverent or funny site. Consider looks.wtf, a site of emoticons showing disapproval. Or tell.wtf, which shows you symbols that are close to your free-hand drawings. 
  • .ICU – I See You. U can use this domain for anything. Like wordcounter.icu, which counts words for you. 
  • .BUZZ – This is a great domain for your site that builds buzz. Apple uses the domain apple.buzz to forward to its press page. And this domain is for you if your site has anything to do with bees, like royalbee.buzz.
  • .MONSTER – .Monster is definitely one of the weirdest domain names out there. It is a fun extension for Halloween costume sites, horror movies, and websites that want a domain name extension that catches the user’s eye. One fun use is the podcast Monster Dear Monster, which has the clever domain monsterdear.monster.
  • .BEST – You’re the best at what you do. And you want the world to know it. So add .BEST to the end of your domain!
  • .FUN – Saving the most fun for last… .FUN! Have a lot of fun with this domain. Like Neal. 

These domains are sure to get your creative juices flowing. And you can register them all at Namecheap. Explore Namecheap’s fun domain names today. 

10 FUN domains for COOL people .