A simple domain trick for easier Zoom meetings

A simple domain trick for easier Zoom meetings

Zoom has become a household name over the past year as people started to meet remotely. Whether you’ve used Zoom for work, church, or to host a “Zoom happy hour,” the company has become a large part of many of our lives.

Getting everyone connected on a Zoom call can be a pain, though. You have to send a lengthy URL to participants for them to access the Zoom room. We’re all familiar with emails and texts “what’s the link again?” 

Fortunately, there is a simple and fun way to let others connect to your Zoom room using domain names. You can register a fun domain name and easily forward it to your Zoom room.

Domain forwarding

Namecheap offers free domain name forwarding. This means you can set up a domain name so that when someone visits it, they are automatically forwarded to another web page.

With domain forwarding, you can point any domain you own to your Zoom room URL. Then people just have to type in or visit your shorter domain to be whisked right into your Zoom meeting. It’s much easier to remember a short domain than Zoom’s long URLs.

Setting up domain forwarding (aka URL redirect) is simple. 

The right domain forward

You’ll want to make sure your Zoom-forwarding domain is easy to remember, easy to spell, and relatively short. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of using another domain to forward to Zoom.

Many people use a personal name domain for this forward. If you own your first, last, or first-last name combination as a .COM domain name, you can forward this to your Zoom room. If someone else beat you to registering your domain as a .COM, you can register something like JohnsMeeting.com, which is more likely to be available.

By the way — .COM isn’t the only domain extension in town, and some alternative top level domain choices are perfect for Zoom forwards. Here are some examples.

  • .LIVE – Zoom meetings are all about live interaction, so getting a domain that ends in .LIVE is a great fit for your forward. 
  • .SPACE – .SPACE is another relevant domain that you can use to welcome people to your online space.
  • .CAM – Zoom calls are all about connecting with your webcam. You can also register a domain at .CAMERA.
  • .VIDEO – .VIDEO is another good choice because it connotes what you use during Zoom meetings.
  • .CHAT – Most people think of video when using zoom, but you’re also chatting with other people.
  • .FAMILY – This can be a great option if you’re connecting with grandparents, siblings, or other extended family.
  • .PARTY – A great domain name for people who love to have fun! And who doesn’t want to be the life of the party on Zoom?

There are hundreds of other domain choices you can use. Consider a domain that fits your personality or hobbies, such as .FUN, .RUN, or .DOG.

Simpler Zoom meetings in three minutes

It takes just a few minutes to find a great Zoom domain to register and forward it to your Zoom room. 

To get started, search for your name or business name in hundreds of domain extensions.

A simple domain trick for easier Zoom meetings .

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