Introducing .SO Domains – Available Now


Introducing .SO Domains – Available Now

Why .SO? Because we said .SO, that’s why! Angsty teenage jokes aside, it’s your chance to pick up a tech-friendly (and wordplay-friendly) domain name, now available from your favorite registrar.

Can’t wait to get yours? Register your .SO now. If you’re still on the fence and want to find out a little more before grabbing your .SO, let’s dive straight in.

Why You Need a .SO

Despite being the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Somalia, anyone can register a .SO. Interestingly, this domain is currently making waves in the tech world.

Technology is used around the globe in so many ways, from the device you’re using to read this post, to spacecraft floating out in deep space. It keeps the modern world spinning — manufacturing, transportation, medicine and agriculture, technology is more than gadgets and gizmos, it’s how we interact, organize, and explore our world. 

If you’re launching an exciting new social network, or software business, a .SO will make a perfect choice. And, want to hear a secret? Namecheap is one of the few registrars that support this domain, so you’ve got a high chance of grabbing short, recognizable domain names that are easy to remember.

The .SO domain is great for wordplay, if you’re selling beans, or sharing your band tour dates. It also makes the perfect choice for personal sites and entices customers to find out more, and discover the answer to questions like ‘SO why should I care?’.  

Whether you want a .SO for a playful reason, like a blog or a website, or a money-making venture like a new startup or long-established business, it can now be used for however you choose.

Who Already Uses a .SO?

Let’s take a closer look at three organizations that have chosen the .so domain for their home,,, and

Notion has built a stylish and modern website that reflects the tool that they are offering, an all-in-one workspace that helps teams to write, plan, and organize their workload. Using drag, drop, and edit functionality, it’s great for prioritizing and creating to-do lists. They offer a range of plans, depending on what your team needs. 

Screen offers screen sharing via an app, so you can work with your team just as if you were in the same room. Through multiplayer drawing and control, you can work together on any task on your computer, making remote work easier and more productive.

Jahanzeb Sherwani, founder and CEO, told us that as a huge fan of Notion, ‘…their domain gave me a clear signal that the world was ready to use .so as a TLD for high-quality products.’

Sherwani also shared that .SO domains are a ‘…well-kept secret in tech, as there are a tremendous amount of single-word domains still available on it.’ 

‘Having a simple, short name is incredibly helpful. Screen sharing at its core is about screens, and being able to use “Screen” as our product and domain name has made it easy for customers to find us and tell others about us.’.

Narrative has built a slick and user-friendly website for photographers looking to spend less time behind a computer and more time behind a camera. The Narrative app helps users tell stories on websites and offers SEO support to help maximize online reach.

Co-founder James Broadbent told us that the .so domain is ‘simple, clean and tidy’’ and ‘…as an abbreviation for software, which made sense for us.’.

All three websites and (and the businesses behind them) offer clever tech .solutions to everyday problems. The .SO domain offers a modern, short, and memorable home for their online content.

Excited? Get Yours Now

If you’re feeling inspired, then it’s time to get your dream domain before someone else beats you to it!

Register your .so domain now!

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