Namecheap, Radix, & unite for a good cause

Namecheap, Radix, & unite for a good cause

Namecheap has teamed up with .TECH domains’ registry Radix to help increase global awareness about computer science access for young women in schools, and for students from marginalized communities. Between May 5 and July 5, every time you register a .TECH domain with Namecheap, you’ll be helping too. 

All sales proceeds from new 1st-year registrations of .TECH domains made in that time will be donated to, a nonprofit organization that believes every student in school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

In summary, both Radix and Namecheap will receive $0 from .TECH domain sales between May 5 and July 5. Grab a  .TECH domain today and you’ll be helping support those who need it. 

Why is dedicated to increasing computer science education for young women and students from other underrepresented groups. 

They focus on free curriculum and course content for schools, Hour of Code events, teacher training, looking at government policies, and developing international partnerships. 

Without computer science and coding know-how, the Internet simply wouldn’t exist. At Namecheap, it’s our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone. So we support the belief that computer science is foundational for all students, everywhere.

Why register a .TECH domain?

Technology is everywhere you look, from the device you’re using to read this article, to the medical and agricultural tech that we need to sustain our daily lives.     

A .TECH top-level domain stands for innovation, and that’s true whether you’re a startup founder, developer, investor, or a student. 

Use your .TECH to:

  • Grow your tech business or a startup
  • Share exciting information about the tech industry
  • Build bustling communities to discuss robotics
  • Write a blog to share the latest industry news
  • Host hackathon events 

You can make a memorable space for your content, whatever part of the tech world you’re in. Use a keyword rich domain name to build a tech brand, work collaboratively, or educate the world like!

Register your .TECH domain today!

Namecheap, Radix, & unite for a good cause .

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