Tasty domains for foodies

Tasty domains for foodies

It’s been a difficult year for foodies who enjoy going out for a gourmet meal. Pandemic lockdowns have forced them to turn to takeout, delivery, or — gasp! — cooking gourmet food themselves. Dishwashers have seen a lot more activity in homes across the world.

Whether you like to cook up a meal yourself, blog about recipes, or own a restaurant, there are now many alternatives to .COM for you to choose from.

A domain for every establishment

Restaurant owners have many choices other than .COM for their website domain. They can separate themselves from the crowded restaurant scene with one of these memorable domains.

Any food establishment can pick up a .RESTAURANT domain. If that’s too long for you, a shorter .REST is available.

Small restaurants serving breakfast and lunch fare might prefer a domain ending in .CAFE. A farm-to-market establishment should consider the more colloquial .KITCHEN. Or how about a .FARM or .GARDEN domain to focus on the restaurant’s locally-sourced ingredients?

Specialty grocers and farmers markets can register a .MARKET domain.

Some restaurants can get more specific with their domains. Those specializing in circular food topped with tomato sauce can register a .PIZZA domain. And the pub on the corner needs a .PUB domain.

Certainly, in these times in which more people are ordering takeout, it makes sense to put your .MENU online.

And if your restaurant offers delivery, how about .DELIVERY?

Have a drink with that

Foodies love a complex craft cocktail, a delicious glass of wine, a gourmet coffee or a pint of beer. There are many great beverage-related domain names for foodies.

At the high level are domain names for the local .PUB, or you can belly up to the .BAR. While you’re there you might want to order a .VODKA and soda. (Yes, there really is a domain for everything!)

Oenophiles can get their own .WINE domain. It makes a good choice for wineries that want to stand out, too. French wine lovers might prefer wine in the local language with .VIN.

Breweries and bars can tap into a .BEER domain.

If a caffeine buzz is more your style, then a .COFFEE domain is on the menu. Queue the feeling of poetry readings and a relaxing ambience with this domain.

Down-home cooking

Chefs and recipe bloggers aren’t left out. They can get the perfect domain, too.

There are so many recipe sites on the web right now so it’s important to do whatever it takes to stand out. .RECIPES is a natural fit for a recipe site and will certainly draw attention to a site next to other results on search engine results pages.

Sites that contain more than just recipes can register a .COOKING domain.

And if your business teaches aspiring cooks to learn the craft, think about a .SCHOOL domain.

A buffet of options

Clearly, there are many new domain name options for foodies to choose from. A full menu of choices, if you will.

Ready to register a delicious domain? Search now.

Tasty domains for foodies .

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