The 5 Best WordPress Video Themes

The 5 Best WordPress Video Themes

Do you produce video content professionally? 

Do you create video content as a hobby? 

Do you sell video content, e.g. training courses and/or marketing videos? 

If any of these scenarios apply to you, you’ll undoubtedly need a place online to house all this video content of yours. This is when a WordPress website comes in handy. 

Whether it’s broadcasting your vlog, selling your training courses online, promoting your marketing videos or even starting your own video-sharing website during these trying times, a WordPress video theme is your ticket to making it happen. 

Just a friendly reminder, though, that not every WordPress theme is designed for video content. Most are, in fact, designed around text content. So if your website needs to prominently display video content, you’ll definitely need to select a theme that’s specifically designed to handle it. 

But with the incredible variety of video themes available these days, finding the perfect one can feel more than a little daunting. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the process by rounding up our top 5 WordPress video theme picks that’ll allow you to showcase your video content with ease. 

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1. Reel

Created by the folks over at WPZOOM, Reel is designed for video professionals and vloggers alike who want a hassle-free way to set up their WordPress website.

With its clean, modern, and fully-responsive layout, Reel adapts to different browsers. Some of its key features include multiple homepage templates to choose from, a video lightbox plugin, slideshow functionality with video background (e.g. YouTube), a live customizer, page builder integration, multiple portfolio templates, Google fonts, and the like. 

It’s also WooCommerce friendly, in case you’re looking to make some money. (This WordPress plugin helps you build a secure and flexible e-commerce store, for free.)

The cost? $79 for a license. 

2. VideoBox

Want to wow visitors with your video content? 

Look no further than VideoBox, another WPZOOM theme that’s perfect for video streaming.

Completely responsive, this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution on desktop and mobile devices. Here, videos and images scale seamlessly even if a browser window is resized. 

Highly customizable in terms of backgrounds and colours, VideoBox also supports such popular video websites as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. When you embed these videos on your website, VideoBox automatically generates a thumbnail so you don’t have to manually add a featured image. 

In addition, this theme comes with infinite scrolling, gallery sections, and SEO integration.  Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, it’s entirely up to you if you decide to make a profit with your content. 

The cost? $69 for a license. 

3. Tusant

Fancy yourself a podcaster? Tusant is designed to put podcasts center stage. 

Ideal, not only for podcasts but also vlogs and other multimedia-rich websites, Tusant supports multiple audio and video sources, layouts, embeds, and more. By allowing for an unlimited number of podcast or vlog entries, you’re looking at a modern platform to showcase your video work, even if you’re just starting out. 

Super flexible, Tusant is also compatible with the open-source Elementor page builder plugin, one of the fastest page builders out there. Here you’re able to choose from dozens of design options and display your video content in a unique way. 

The cost? $69 for a license. 

4. Inspiro

If you’re an established (or aspiring) videographer, Inspiro has got your back. 

Featuring full screen video backgrounds, an impressive portfolio section, and a gallery module, Inspiro lets you choose from four unique templates. The built-in drag and drop page builder means you can further customize your WordPress website how you like. 

Formatting options let you create customized slideshows of your videos. Each slide comes with a video lightbox, which basically means that when someone is watching your video, they’re able to focus on the content since all other page elements are dimmed. 

If you’re hoping to sell your work, Inspiro also happens to be WooCommerce-friendly. 

The cost? $79 for a license. 

person in costume performing for video

5. Vidiho

If you’re a gaming or entertainment vlogger, Vidiho is the theme for you. 

Powered by visual options and video-embedding capabilities, it’s no wonder video bloggers are big fans. The full-width content slider on the homepage even lets you display your video content directly from Vimeo or YouTube, all in a high resolution. 

Simply paste the link from your Vimeo or YouTube channel and it’s published, no strings attached. If you prefer not to use a third-party, you can upload your own videos and manage your content directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

The cost? $79 for a license. 

Final Thoughts

As you now know from our aforementioned list, a WordPress video theme does a variety of things: it allows you to display your video content, sell your video content, combine your videos with written content, and a whole lot more. 

If deciding on a theme and figuring out how to use your WordPress website is enough to make your head spin, we recommend choosing a Managed WordPress host to simplify things. Namecheap’s solution, EasyWP, is super affordable, super accessible, and the fastest around. Hosted on Namecheap’s powerful cloud platform, you’ll enjoy free PositiveSSL to keep your website secure and free Supersonic CDN to deliver your video content at 68% faster speeds. 

And, with EasyWP plans starting at just $1 a month, suddenly a WordPress video theme seems like a worthy investment, no? 

Tell us, is there a video theme we missed? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below.

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