Top Myths About Transferring Domain Names

Want to consolidate all of your domain names in one account management interface? Looking to save some money on domain renewals? All you need to do is transfer your domain names.

Here are some popular myths about domain name transfers and why you should ignore them.

Myth: I’ll lose time on my registration if I transfer.

Fact: Your transfer includes additional time on your registration that’s added to the end of your registration. 

This is one year for most top level domain names. So if six months are remaining on your domain registration and you transfer it to Namecheap, your domain won’t expire for 18 months (the remaining six months plus 12 months).

This means there’s no need to wait for your domains to be close to expiration before transferring them. In fact, it’s best not to wait until the last minute in case there are any delays.

Myth: Transferring my domain will cause my website to go down.

Fact: Everything will function as usual in most cases.

Your domain name will continue to point to the same nameservers they point to at your current domain name registrar. This ensures that your website continues to operate.

There are some caveats. One is if you currently use a single company as both your domain name registrar and web host, if you plan to transfer your domain to a new company, you should be prepared to move your hosting as well, as some companies link the two in your account. Additionally, if you created custom DNS entries, you might need to copy those over to your Namecheap account. So you should definitely investigate these issues before transferring.

But if you use a different hosting company from your registrar, and that hosting company only asked you to set two nameserver addresses at your registrar, then you’re good to go.

Myth: It’s difficult to transfer a domain name.

Fact: Domain transfers are straightforward and take just a few minutes of your time.

You’ll need to take two steps to transfer your domain. First, go to your existing registrar and unlock the domain name. Second, ask the registrar for your transfer authorization code (sometimes called an EPP code). Most registrars make it easy to copy this code from your account. 

Provide this code to the new registrar and your transfer commences. It can take five days for the domain to transfer, but you don’t need to do anything during this time.

Some domain name registrars make it needlessly difficult to transfer domains. Some will delay sending the authorization code to you. But all registrars are required to allow you to transfer your domain name and it only takes a few minutes.

Myth: I won’t save much money.

Fact: The savings add up!

Moving your domain to a less expensive registrar saves money. Sometimes there are transfer specials that are even cheaper than regular prices. And the savings add up every year. Multiply your one-year savings by ten years and it helps justify switching!
Are you ready to transfer your domains to Namecheap?

Top Myths About Transferring Domain Names .

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