Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2021

Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2021

As you may have heard, cPanel recently announced standardized pricing changes to their licenses for all partners, distributors, and cPanel store customers. These upcoming changes also have a direct impact on all hosting providers, including Namecheap. 

Given that cPanel now charges separately for cPanel accounts, customers get billed on a monthly basis under a tiered-pricing structure (more on that below). At Namecheap, we understand how this new price may impact your business so we’ve done everything possible to minimize the price increase for your respective hosting plan with us. 

Since these changes will affect Namecheap Hosting customers with cPanel accounts, here’s a quick rundown on what to expect..

Reseller Hosting

For current Reseller plans (Nebula, Galaxy Expert, Universe Pro) as well as older Reseller plans, the purchase and renewal prices will increase.

To minimize this increase for new purchases,  we’re now introducing a limit on the number of cPanel accounts you can create:

  • For Universe Pro customers: 150 accounts
  • For Nebula and Galaxy Expert customers (including older plans): the account limits will remain the same, 25 and 100, respectively

Please note that all existing Reseller Hosting customers will retain their current cPanel account limits. 

VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

Currently, our VPS and Dedicated Server customers pay an additional fee for each cPanel account they have. 

We’ve noticed, however, that some of our customers only have one cPanel account yet pay for a license that can have up to 5. To lower this monthly cost, we decided to introduce a new type of cPanel license, aptly-titled, “Solo.” This is for our customers who do not plan to create more than one cPanel account.  

The new tiered structure for VPS Hosting will be as follows:

TiercPanel Account LimitOld Price New Price
Solo 1 account$8.88/month
Tier Oneup to 5 accounts$10.88/month$12.88/month
Tier Twoup to 30 accounts$15.88/month$16.88/month
Tier Threeup to 100 accounts$29.88/month$32.88/month

The new tiered structure for Dedicated Server Hosting will be as follows:

TiercPanel Account LimitOld Price New Price
Solo 1 account$13.88/month
Tier Oneup to 100 accounts$29.88/month$32.88/month
Tier Twoup to 150 accounts$34.88/month$41.88/month
Tier Threeup to 200 accounts$39.88/month$50.88/month
Tier Fourup to 250 accounts$44.88/month$58.88/month

If you’re a VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting customer with Namecheap, now’s your chance to check out InterWorx, the alternative control panel to cPanel. When compared to cPanel, InterWorx does not have account limits. Prices are fixed at $12.00/month for VPS customers and $18.00/month for Dedicated Server customers. 

We’re Here For You

Rest assured that we’ve worked hard to make this new cPanel pricing transition as smooth as possible for our customers. By customizing our prices, we believe this gives you full transparency over what you can expect to pay per month and eliminates any confusion. 

And don’t forget to mark your calendars — these pricing changes are set to go into effect for Namecheap customers between the end of December 2020 and early January 2021.

If you decide you do (or don’t) want additional cPanel accounts in the future, we make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your license. Or if you have any questions or need further clarification, our Customer Support Team is available 24/7.

Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2021 .